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"Inviting Pear"

Camp Lucy Wedding from Caroline Plus Ben

I've probably already told you just how much I adore Caroline + Ben Photography, but it's definitely worth repeating, because I sooo do and they are just that amazing.  I mean, these two talented photogs manage to send us some of the sweetest weddings you will lay your eyes upon, weddings like this darling day held at the always wonderful Camp Lucy.  I'm talking beautiful blooms from...


Austin Wedding from Christina Carroll Photography

You may recognize this lovely bride's smile from American Idol. She was a finalist on Season 8, and her wedding? We'll let's just say, it's weddings like this that will live on the pages of SMP forever, known simply as stunning. Pretty as a picture (and oh Christina Carroll Photography's pictures tell quite the beautiful story), I can't help but file this one away in my wedding-brain-catalog under the heading of Gorgeous.