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Chicago Wedding at Germania Place by Robyn Rachel Photography

Have a favorite movie or book that you'd love to infuse into your special day but you just don't know how to? Take a hint from this adorable bride who with small touches and details, added her favorite parts of The Wizard of Oz into her big day. There's no beating you over the head with her theme, just small little hints like her red sparky shoes, the signature drink aptly named the ruby slipper, and a blue and white gingham check garter reminiscent of Dorothy's dress. So cute!


Chicago New Years Eve Wedding from Robyn Rachel Photography

Chicago is fantastic. I'm just saying. It's a big, beautiful city, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, home to Navy Pier, The Sears Tower, and some of the nicest city-dwellers on the planet. Following this line of thought, any wedding that takes place inside the city limits of this beloved town is going to be gorgeous. Especially when it's planned by Big City Bride, photographed by ...