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"Grace Buckley"

Western Australia Engagement Session from Angela Higgins

Angela Higgins might be able to shoot a more beautiful picture than I could ever imagine shooting, but we do have one thing in common - we love engagement sessions. And for good reason, it's a time in the hectic pace of wedding planning where the couple can slow down for a minute and just be them. Allowing the photographer behind the lens to capture really priceless moments, and ultimately allowing us to share them with all of you. Which is...


York Wedding at Laurelville Manor from Ben Yew Photography

Every ounce of my wedding-loving heart is absolutely obsessed with this shabby chic piece of Australia perfection from Ben Yew Photography. Every.last.ounce. The details are to die for, and the photography? Stunning. It's what wedding blogger dreams are made of, and the gallery is filled to the brim with image after image that will make your heart pitter patter.