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"Freshly Picked"

5 Tips on Instagram Marketing from Freshly Picked

Purveyor of the sweetest baby moccasins in the entire world, Susan of Freshly Picked has, without question, made waves through internet land. At the top of her marketing must-do? Instagram, of all things! If utilized properly, this fabulous tool can help you make huge strides in your pathway to success. And with over 55,000 followers and counting...


Floral Bridal Shoot from Andi Mans Photography & Design + Makeover Station

Things I go crazy for?  Floral wreaths, beautiful brides and Andi Mans Photography & Design.  Give me one, two or all three and you'll see the face of one VERY happy blogger.  And when the three combine for an inspiration shoot in sunny Florida?  Almost too good to be true.  Especially when it means we get to bask in the fabulous beauty expertise of ...