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"Flowers Claire Marie"

San Francisco Wedding of Erica Rose from Anna Kuperberg + Kathleen Deery

I've been waiting for a wedding like this one, for oh...about a hundred years. Because to me, this is exactly what style looks like. Exactly what it means to put your own personality stamp on your special day. The bride - who crafted all of those crazy beautiful reception flowers herself - and groom looked only to their own loves to dictate their approach to wedding day style...and I couldn't be a happier blogger because of it. The pair...


Northern California Wedding by Adrienne Gunde Photography

Get ready to feast your peepers on some seriously stunning images by Adrienne Gunde Photography. There is just something about a cardigan-wearing, peony-carrying, vineyard marrying bride that gets makes my giddy meter go off the charts. Are you with me on this one? I am just eating it all up, and you better believe there is even more in the full gallery.