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"Felice Bridal"

Boston North End Wedding from Caroline Talbot Photography

Intimate weddings, where your very nearest and dearest get to share in every moment of your big day, pull at my heart strings like you wouldn't believe. And such a fête held in my favorite city, Boston? Well, that's when I simply can't look away. And with images as pretty as these from Caroline Talbot Photography of this couple's gorgeous day at Mamma Maria's Restaurant...


Denver Rooftop Wedding from Chris Humphreys Photography

When some people think of Colorado they often think rustic mountain backdrops and wide open spaces. And while it absolutely is those things, it's also much, much more. It's cool and eclectic and home to some seriously fabulous style. This modern Denver wedding perfectly embraces all the different sides the Rockies have to offer. It's fresh and romantic... and just as stunning as the sweet couple behind it. With beautiful images by ...