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Museum of Fine Arts Wedding by Hype Group

I am just mesmerized by the fabulous Florida color and light that Gina Leigh Photography captured in these photographs.  The pinks and greens look just divine especially paired with this handsome couple!  The rest of their exquisite wedding, from the modern invitation design by Hype Group to the mason jar and moss details, has a perfect vintage meets contemporary vibe.


Renaissance Vinoy Wedding by Gina Leigh Photography

This St. Petersburg pretty by Gina Leigh Photography is just the thing to make my morning feel fabulously elegant - even as I sit here in yoga pants, sans makeup. It is just beyond tasteful and timeless, and it fully motivates me to get a little more glam on this Monday morning. Maybe I'll drink my coffee out of my prettiest mug or put on something pretty or actually wear my hair down - whatever the case, I know for certain I...