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Stop Everything and Listen to these Amazing Vows

Whatever it is you are doing right now, you need to stop and watch this amazing piece of cinema from Lux Films.  Seriously... just trust me on this one.  Because if ever there were vows you need to hear, it's the sweet sentiments these two cuties shared with each other.  You'll laugh, you'll cry (a lot) and you'll sit in wonder at just how much this stunning fashion model and handsome NFL player love each other. Press play NOW. [iframe http://www.


Vintage Tea Party Photo Shoot from Catie Coyle Photography

Let's face it: the week after a holiday weekend is always a little crazy.  The kind of crazy that comes from trying to frantically pack five days worth of work and activities into into ninety-six awesome hours, rather than one hundred and twenty.  It can be madness.  But when a sweet dose of inspiration like this adorable 1930's tea party shoot from Catie Coyle comes your way, you can't help but stop and soak it all in.  Because with lush...