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"Event Painting by Agnes"

Romantic Garden Party Style Wedding

When I heard the inspiration behind these Colorado nuptials - The Secret Garden meets Downton Abbey - I knew something pretty fabulous was about to unfold. And let me tell you, the galley from Brumley And Wells? It delivers, BIG time. Thanks to the talents of Cori Cook and ...


Long Beach Wedding by JAC Photography + Just Chic Events

If I was never able to look at another wedding after today, well, let's face it, that would be a sad, sad day.  I might be able to live with it, however, if the last wedding I could view was this Long Beach celebration so artfully captured by JAC Photography.  I'm not sure what perfection looks like in your book but in mine it very closely resembles this.  Each detail is so lovely and so dreamy and so perfectly coordinated by ...