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"Erica Elizabeth Designs"

Great Gatsby Inspired Photo Shoot from U Me Us Studios + Seasons of Life Events

The Great Gatsby is - and always will be - one of my favorite novels.  I still remember reading it for the first time my freshman year of high school and the complete and total awe I felt flipping through each and every last page of pure magic.  Fast forward a few years later (we don't need to get specific, do we?) and I'm awash in that same excitement, but this time it's due to a Gatsby-inspired shoot from...


Whimsical Wedding Inspiration from {Poppy & Plum Events}

I've never really had a sweet tooth.  I can walk past a plate of donuts and cookies all day long, but give me some french fries and ranch and I can't look away.  The one exception?  Cotton candy.  I love that bundle of sugary sweetness with a crazy passion, i.e., I'll stop at every fair and carnival along my route home to stock up on bags of blue and pink goodness.  I am not kidding.  So, when I spotted this beautiful shoot from the geniuses at ...