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Canadian Whimsical Wedding from Emma Love Photography

This next little number is the definition of whimsical bliss. Colorful and craftful with pops of pretty details, it's the perfect mixture of loads of fun and loads of meaning. You'll be hard pressed to not let a little grin form on your pretty little face when poring through all the lovely images from Emma Love Photography, and really, what's wrong with a wedding so pretty, so sweet you can't help but smile?


Waskesui Lodge Wedding by Emma Love Photography

Random side note: when writing posts, I always have a theme song or songs for the particular wedding I am putting together looping in my head. The songs just pop up in my noggin and usually fit the wedding pretty well (I never said I was normal). For this adorable affair by Emma Love Photography, it was The Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack. Maybe it's because of the way the couple infused happy yellow into the occasion or...