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"Dawn Gahan"

Savannah River Wedding by Ali Harper Photography

Happy New Year SMP-ers! We hope your weekend celebrations overflowed with confetti and kisses. And maybe a few diamond rings? We are welcoming what is sure to be a fantastic year with this adorably colorful and sweet fete by Ali Harper Photography. It's the perfect combination of style and spunk, filled to the absolute brim with all things pretty. And total, crazy, head over heels love. Just the way we want to ring in the New Year.


The Foundry Park Inn Wedding by Ali Harper Photography

We have the prettiest way to start your Monday thanks to Ali Harper Photography and this lovely Athens affair.  The.prettiest. With the deep blue hues and that timeless elegance that never fails to grab my heart strings and play the sweetest of songs - it's would be hard to not adore every bit of this post. There is more lovely where this came from - have no fear -...