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Outdoor Sagaponack Wedding from Timothy Lee Photographers + Sperry Tents

There is a Great Gatsby feel to this New York wedding, sent to us by Timothy K. Lee Photographers. I'm not sure if its the Sperry Tent, or the grandiose florals, or the fact that the whole lavish love fest took place at the couples private home, but whatever it is, I'm eating it up with a spoon. The fashion, the decor, the whole ambiance is the definition of pure glamour. I spent...


NYC Wedding by Shawn Connell

As we wrap up our Real Wedding extravaganza, I thought that we could take a moment and pay homage to the absolute gorgeousness of a classic NYC wedding. So romantic, SO chic. This is another high style kind of wedding, one that won't fit into many of your budgets...but who cares! Isn't it fun to just basque in the luxury of it all and admire the serious beauty in all of the perfect photographs. You better believe it's fun!