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Intimate Cabo San Lucas Wedding from Sara Richardson + Allure Event

You may or may not have heard, but the Southwest is in the middle of an (excruciatingly hot) heat wave; one that is seeing temps rise to well over 120 degrees.  And since I happen to live in one of those very hot Southwestern states, I've been spending my time indoors, dreaming of a vacation to a nice seaside locale like it's my job to do so.  And when I spotted this gorgeous day from the genius that is Allure Event?  I knew...


Cabo San Lucas Wedding from Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

When we're not spending our time obsessing over the work of Jennifer Lindberg Weddings, we're spending our time drooling over her brand spankin' new blog, Most of All, I Remember, so it pretty much goes without saying - we're big, big fans.  So big, in fact, that when she sent along this breathtaking Cabo San Lucas affair, we let out a collective gasp.