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English Countryside Wedding by Chris Barber Media

Today just so happens to be Wednesday and if you are a SMP fan, you know that you are about to be inundated with wedding after pretty wedding all day long. Wednesdays seriously, you complete us. So sit back and prepare to indulge in a little wedding marathon and don't forget to check out the galleries for even more awesome details from each pretty packed post.

Lets get the ball rolling with one very English and completely awesome day photographed by...


English Garden Wedding by Chris Barber Media

We have a feature up our sleeve that we know you love and it just might involve EIGHT weddings every hour from the beginning of your work day till the very end. Fabulous right? And don't worry, we won't tell your bosses if you take a little looksy. We'll provide a tiny snippet of the gorgeousness and you are free to click and choose which weddings you want to see more of in the gallery. So lets get to this wedding schmorgesborg, shall we?

Up first is a fun, jolly English wedding...