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"Brooke Courtney Photography"

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Wedding from Brooke Courtney Photography

Let's talk about DIY for a minute. It's a great way to save a little money when it comes to your wedding, so you can allocate those funds to something you can't do yourself. But it's also an amazing display of love. This bride made just about everything for her wedding. So on the big day, not only were she and her betrothed displaying their love to everyone, but she showed her friends and family ones just how much they meant to her by providing a decor so personal and heartfelt. Every pretty...


Maryland Farm Wedding from Brooke Courtney Photography + Bliss Weddings and Events

I could put together an entire post gushing only about how spectacular this venue is... a beautiful race horse farm in rural Maryland with lush green pastures, picturesque views, and its own vineyard... I mean, wow. But you see, I would have barely scratched the surface of the story because this farm is home to this bride's childhood and her family's history (the little girl in me just melted). Brought to us by ...