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Strawberry Farms Wedding from Brandi Welles Photographer

Rain on a wedding day? I am a firm believer that it is fabulous. After years of pouring (pun intended) over rainy day fêtes, I've come to the conclusion they always end up being my favorite. Maybe it's how the Groom carries the umbrella over his gorgeous Bride in such a chivalrous way, or perhaps it's intimate mood the sky sets - but what I really love is knowing that even though the weather wasn't perfect - to these two newlyweds, it was their perfect.


Bridal Shower Brunch by Brandi Welles

One of my very favourite Sunday afternoon activities is to gather around with my lady friends over a fabulous brunch. And when you add a bridal shower to the mix, you can count me in twice. This bright and graphic bridal shower brunch by Brandi Welles, is not only incredibly adorable, it also makes for the perfect way to celebrate a special friend during a memorable time in her life. ...