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"Bradley T. Harris"

Roberta Wedding from Kaitie Bryant Photography

How's this for an attention grabber?  A breathtakingly gorgeous country chic affair with dashes of glamour every which way you turn.  Intrigued?  Yep, we thought you would be, which is exactly the reason why we couldn't wait to share this gem of an affair from Kaitie Bryant Photography.  An affair, mind you, that mixes perfectly Southern touches (think burlap and distressed wooden details) with a vibrant, modern aesthetic (think...


Atlanta Wedding by Light Love Laughter Photography

A southern gentleman meets his Georgia peach, they fall in love and have one of the most darling weddings you ever did see. It seems like a modern day fairy tale, but Light Love Laughter Photography captured all the lovely to prove that it isn't all make believe. Filled with fabulous pops of pink, bow ties and nods to their southern heritage, the only thing missing in this fairy tale is the Once Upon a Time.