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"Boilermaker Jazz Band"

Pittsburgh Backyard Wedding from Craig Photography

It's impossible to look at this gorgeous backyard wedding from Craig Photography and not see a certain Gatsby quality. The 1920's home, complete with a stunning clear tent, was made for a party Mr. Gatsby himself would have been more than a little jealous of. I'm even told there was a jazz band for the dancing. With the couple's own fun spirit (complete with food trucks and donuts made on the spot) layered in, however...


The Pennsylvanian Wedding from Scobey Photography + AJ Production Company

I am going out on a limb here to say, even if vintage is not your style, even if you adore the most modern affairs, I pretty much guarantee you are going to love this glamourous wedding gone oh so right. Through the lens of Scobey Photography, we are almost transported into another fabulous time and it feels so, so good.


Geological Inspired Wedding From JCP Event Group

Yesterday, Abby mentioned that she's starting to like the idea of "themed" weddings. In the olden days, she would have cringed at that word! But brides, today, are really "getting it." They've become adept at merging those little pieces of their own interests and personality with those of their groom's, resulting in very unique and personalized celebrations.