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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Made Simple in 3 Easy Steps

We’re all for anything that makes your wedding planning life easier. So if you think we’re jumping on the Vow To Be Chic bandwagon, you are sooo correct. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted when it comes to finding those dresses for your besties (beautiful gown choices, amazing prices, fab customer service), all with the ease of online ordering. Scroll to change your life in three easy steps.


Let’s be honest. You have a vision for your Big Day, but when faced with all of the beautiful gown choices for your bridal party, it’s really, really hard to choose. That’s where Vow To Be Chic and their team of amazing Stylists come in. Just schedule your complimentary consultation and get ready to talk all things bridesmaid dresses, from expert advice on fit and sizing to recommendations on those gowns that will match your wedding theme and look. They’ll even help you mix and match styles, colors and fabrics for a totally unique + oh-so-chic lineup.


Now that you and your Stylist have narrowed down your bridal party look, it’s time to dive into Vow To Be Chic’s awesome options in gowns and curate that Bridal Suite for your lady loves. Think seriously stunning dresses from your fave designers (hello, Monique Lhuillier, Jenny You, Paper Crown and more!), size options from 0-18 and two lengths to choose from – long and regular. They’ll even send you free swatches. Your besties are going to love you… and you’re going to love how easy it is.


So here comes the (even more) fun part. You’ve 1) brainstormed with your awesome Vow To Be Chic Stylist and 2) created the world’s most beautiful Bridal Suite, so inviting all of your ladies to take a look and order their very own masterpiece is the next step. You can communicate with each of them via your custom dashboard and track their ordering once they’ve been measured by a tailor and picked the perfect size with Vow To Be Chic’s size chart. They’ll receive their gorgeous numbers two whole weeks before the Big Day, complete with a backup size. And when the celebration is over, they can send back their lovely gown with Vow To Be Chic’s pre-paid packaging… the dry cleaning’s on Vow.

Ready to bring your Big Day vision to life with the only designer bridesmaid dress rental site? Visit Vow To Be Chic today for access to hundreds of top-quality designer dresses for under $99, Little White Dress rentals for all of those pre and post-wedding parties (think engagement party and honeymoon) and jewelry + lingerie you can purchase for you and your girls. They’re awesome… and you’re going to love them. We promise.

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Elevate Your Wedding Bar Without Breaking the Bank

Gone are the days of basic bars, and that includes your wedding day. Craft cocktails are here to stay and their creativity is both delightful and delicious… but the price tag? Not so much. But just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean these bold bevvies need to be ignored. Main Course Catering knows all the tips and tricks to elevate your wedding day bar without spending a fortune – and still create some pretty tasty beverages along the way.

#1: Make It Personal

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to alcohol, but remember, at your wedding, it’s all about you. Forget what Uncle Johnny likes to drink in his den at home and focus on what you enjoy most.

Signature cocktails can be a great way to cut the costs of your bar by eliminating a full bar and focusing in on a couple’s favorite drinks – and bring attention back to your big day. Focus on seasonal fruits and high quality spirits and mixers for these drinks to ensure the highest quality and best outcome and top off your favorite cocktail with a beautiful but simple garnish to elevate the drinks even more.

#2: Keep It Close To Home

Local spirits are growing in popularity as artisans have perfected the craft of brewing, fermenting, and distilling all around the country. As they grow, so does the demand for a good value. Choosing your bar options based on where you are tying the knot can make a lasting impression and give your wedding bar a unique twist. Here are some of our best regional recommendations: hard cider in the Northeast, wine in the West, moonshine in the Southeast, and craft beer in the Midwest.

#3: Make It Float!

Cocktails have evolved over the decades into a modern work of art, from layered drinks to intricate designs dropped into egg white foam. Creating beautiful works of art at your wedding bar can be difficult due to the high levels of demand and the rush to try to get everyone a drink quickly, but including simple garnishes, liquid floats, or even drops of aromatic oils can bring a cocktail to life.

#4: Age It To Perfection

The ultimate DIY concoction for your big day could be a perfectly balanced, barrel aged cocktail. Choose a recipe that you love, find the right sized oak barrel, and let time do the rest. This is a great way to show off your incredible mixology skills for your wedding and impress your guests with a bar centerpiece they will not forget. Be sure to have your ingredients ready to go and don’t forget about the mixers!

#5: Chef It Up!

Culinary Cocktails are the next hot trend in the bar scene. When choosing a cocktail list for your big day, consider what products are in season and can be utilized in your cocktails. Fresh herbs can add a bright twist to most drinks and fresh made shrubs and syrups can liven up classic cocktails and make them unique. When fresh rosemary is abundant in the summer, we love to use it in cocktails on a hot day!

#6: Go Light On The Hard Stuff

Thoughtfully created “Mocktails” and low ABV cocktails are a great alternative to a traditional full bar, it’s a creative way to save money on alcohol and lower alcohol beverages are easier to pair with food. For those who don’t drink, non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit spritzers and infused juices can make a lasting impression and act as a great welcoming sipper.

Find Your Signature Cocktail
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Find Your Signature Cocktail
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Cocktail Advice: Main Course Catering

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A Black Tie Wedding with Latin Flair (Mariachi Band Included!)

What do you get when you blend the outdoor beauty of a garden wedding with the black-tie romance of a classic Dallas restaurant and a mariachi band that plays homage to the Bride and Groom’s latin roots? Pure perfection, a.k.a. this celebration planned by Keestone Events, along with florals by The Backyard Bouquet and the prettiest sweet ending courtesy of Sugar Bee Sweets. Follow all the gorgeous imagery captured by Stephanie Brazzle Photography with even more in the vault.


From the Bride… I was once told “the best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.” My love story began five years ago with a first date at Coal Vines in Downtown Dallas. We were set up through a mutual friend but due to bad relationship experiences in the past and being consumed with graduate school, I didn’t have very much interest or high expectations. Little did I know that that one date would change my life so much! Victor would propose three years later.

I had dreamed of purchasing my wedding dress with my mother at my side. Unfortunately, my mother had lost her battle to cancer. For months, I was holding off on buying the dress because I knew it would be an emotional day. When I did go, it was so discouraging since I had tried on several dresses and had not yet experienced that ‘aha moment”. I was down to one dress and when I put it on, tears instantly flowed. I had found my dress. I wanted to make my mother a part of my wedding day and wrapped her necklace around my bouquet. Holding it brought me a lot of peace, and made the day feel all the more meaningful. I felt her presence and I knew she was smiling and enjoying in the day with me.

We had a small wedding with our closest friends and family at Marie Gabrielle. To me, finding the venue is as important as finding the right wedding dress. I had envisioned a timeless and elegant, black tie garden wedding affair, and Marie Gabrielle was perfect with its beautiful grounds. My favorite moment of the wedding was reading our vows. In declaring our love to each other in front of all, I felt like a modern day princess marrying her prince charming.

As Victor and I are both Hispanic, we wanted to incorporate our Latin roots by having a mariachi band. Our DJ also made sure to play a blend of salsa, merengue, bachata and American dance music. We are blessed to have family and friends travel from around the world to be there for our wedding. It made an already wonderful day even more special. Thank you to all the amazing vendors for making our fairytale wedding come true!

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Vault CTA



Photography: Stephanie Brazzle Photography | Planner: Keestone Events | Florals: The Backyard Bouquet | Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets | Stationery: Scribbles And Swirls | Hair and Makeup: Pixie Glam Studio | DJ: DJ Brandon | Ceremony + Reception: Marie Gabrielle | String Trio: European Ensemble Strings

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Real Brides Reveal “The Worst Wedding Planning Advice I Received”

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…opinions pouring in from everyone and anyone you know. While most unsolicited advice comes from a good place, it can be tough for a couple to stay true to their own wedding vision with constant input. Take it from these real brides who kindly took every bad piece of advice with a grain of salt and planned their best day ever.

“The Details Don’t Matter”

Someone told me that “the details and the look of our wedding didn’t matter”. While I recognized that our marriage was THE most important part of the day, the details, flowers, favors and the overall feel of our wedding was important to me; both because I am a designer and desired a beautiful day for us to remember for years to come, and also because I wanted our guests to feel loved while they were there celebrating alongside us! While the details of your day are secondary to the promises you’re making to one another, they are still important.

-Michaela, married September 2016

“The Necessary Rituals”

The worst advice any bride gets is that something is “necessary”. Whether it be your MIL telling you the candle ritual is necessary, or your wedding planner insisting on ‘the DJ everyone uses’, your wedding day is just that: YOUR wedding day. There are so many details that I thought were absolutely necessary (programs, favors, 3 menu choices) that ended up going unnoticed. I wish I would have known that those things didn’t really matter, and instead focused more on the things that my fiancé and I truly cared about.

-Chloe, married October 2015

“Delay the Honeymoon”

The worst advice we ever received was to hold off on our honeymoon to save a bit of money for wedding costs. I am so glad we didn’t take that advice! Instead, we opted for a honeymoon cash fund for our registry and left a week after our wedding. It was the best vacation of our lives (so far) and I’m so glad we enjoyed it as newlyweds!

-Melissa, married July 2015

“You’ll Regret This”

My hubs and I eloped, so while I didn’t receive a ton of “traditional” advice, I did receive my fair share of “You’ll regret this one day” and “Are you sure?” along the way. It can be hard to stay on course with the constant chatter of those who have been there before, but what I learned is this: do what’s right for you. In the end, if you stay true to yourselves, you’ll be happy. No matter what.

-Dawn, married July 2014

“The Must + Need”

I came to learn that anytime someone started a sentence with “You must” or “You need to” it was most likely going to be some very unhelpful advice. We received plenty of odd looks and various comments when we told people we weren’t going to have bridesmaids or groomsmen but I’m so glad we didn’t let that affect us; it was personally a fantastic decision. Dismiss any of those “musts” and “haves” and focus on what feels right to you!

-Liz, married June 2015

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