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"Blossoms Atlanta"

Atlanta Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding from Artstar by Laura Stone

There is something so magical about a ballroom wedding. Don't you agree? The gowns, the chandeliers, the elegance - it all tends to make me swoon. So when I come across a wedding like this one by Artstar by Laura Stone, I feel like I've hit the wedding jackpot. Because not only is it filled to the brim with lovely, but it's also overflowing with love...and it doesn't get better than that.


Atlanta Photo Shoot at Swan House from Tim Duncan Events

Tim Duncan Events is closing out this week on SMP Georgia with a photo shoot pretty enough for the big screen. Swoon-worthy, if I may say. It's a dance between romantic and chic, and all captured beautifully by Christi Sue Photography. The team behind this photo shoot created fairytale magic, and you can see it all dancing around in...