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"Blomma Flicka Flowers"

Vermont Wedding Film from Hello Super Studios

There is something this little wedding blogger absolutely can not control. And it has something to do with a Super 8 wedding film. When it is done as spectacularly as Hello Super Studios always does it, I fall head-over-heels, capital IN LOVE with the couple at the center, every.single.time. I don't know if it's the romance of the Super 8 or that the coolest couples always seem to love that special camera, but whatever it is, I'm not...


Basin Harbor Club Wedding from Orchard Cove Photography

When your ceremony is graced by a double rainbow, you know you nailed the Most Perfect Wedding Award. Orchard Cove Photography captured this beautiful Autumnal Vermont piece of perfection, and it is beyond phenominal. Gorgeous bridesmaids in adorable fall fashion, a sweet ring bearer pup, gorgeous leaves changing colors for the season, and of course that elusive double rainbow, make for a fantastic wedding.