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Cape Cod Wedding at Wychmere Beach Club from First Mate Photo Co.

Growing up, I didn't dream of a wedding with ballrooms and big gowns - I dreamt of a wedding that looked exactly like this one. Where the salt air never stops touching your nose, and where beach and chic happily introduce themselves to each other. So when I stumbled on this beauty captured to complete perfection by  First Mate Photo Co, I couldn't help but be in love with every moment.


Sankaty Head Golf Club Wedding by Soiree Floral + Cary Hazlegrove

There are few things I love more than a nautical New England affair, so it goes without saying that I am a very, very happy blogger this lovely Wednesday morning, all thanks to the uber-amazing Soiree Floral and those beautiful blooms.  Yes, this gorgeous Nantucket affair is filled to the brim with floral lovely and that's just the beginning.  From the fabulous bridesmaid dresses (I want one) to the charming chapel and a beautiful...