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"Bahamas Bridal Affairs"

Nassau, Bahamas Wedding from Karen Hill Photography

I might have the absolute best thing ever to get you through the next few hours and off into your weekend. How does a trip to the Bahamas with theĀ Karen Hill Photography sound? Like Heaven? It should, because it is. This wedding was stunning in that way that only a relaxing, yet totally awe-inspiring wedding can be. And the photos? Don't even get me started.


Bahamas Wedding by James Christianson Photographer

This Bahamas wedding looks like it just sashayed off the pages of a fairytale. It's all white decor is beyond gorgeous and the bride's dress? Yup. That's none other than Oscar De La Renta and it's pretty amazing if you ask me! And don't even get me started on the chuppah, cascading with hundreds, maybe even thousands of white, fluffy flowers. I think I've died and gone to all-white-wedding heaven!