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"Amanda Rae"

New Jersey Wedding from Kay English Photography

What is not to love about a beach wedding? Seriously, I can't think of a single thing. The sweet colors of the ocean, sky, and sand, the gentle breeze, the gorgeous sunsets. Beach nuptials are probably the best. Ever. Like this New Jersey affair. They felt the allure of the water, and no surprise, a FAB wedding followed. Lucky for us, Kay English Photography captured it all with her signature style - and the swooning continues.


Colorful Santa Barbara Wedding

I love living in New England, but every now and then I wish that my backyard had palm trees and that flowers bloomed all year round. So when I saw this colorful California wedding photographed by the talented Amanda Rae, I had one of those moments. Then I saw the couple's adorable pooch and my heart melted. I just loved their sophisticated tropical style and their playful personalities, top that off with stunning florals and now I'm...