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"Adam Grumbo"

Southern Chic Camp Lucy Wedding

I've got a serious venue crush on Camp Lucy and I dare say, if beautiful Texas were my wedding destination, it'd be a top contender for sure. All it takes is one little peek at this stunner from Becca Lea Photography to see why. The simple, raw stone detailing and gorgeous green cacti galore paired with lush pinks and corals makes for a gallery that's too good to miss.


DIY Austin Wedding from SMS Photography

After spending all my time around the sweetest little gentleman for the last two months, I'm back. And coming back would have been a whole lot harder if I didn't have pretty weddings like this one from SMS Photography to look forward to. Seriously, if I can't be squeezing little baby cheeks 24/7, spending my time with weddings in which the groom made the bride's bouquet is a pretty close second. It's wedding's like this, handmade with...