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Morada Bay Beach Wedding from L’Atelier Rouge + Adagion

Weddings at the beach are total swoon fests no matter what. But when a fab NYC planner (L'Atelier Rouge) gets married and brings a little Manhattan to the Florida Keys? There are no words. Seriously, no words. Just gorgeous photos from Cengiz Ozelsel of Adagion - which are each worth AT LEAST 1,000 words, thank goodness. Because this blogger is speechless.


The Central Park Boathouse Wedding by Adagion Lifestyle Photography + loli events

Does it get anymore romantic than a wedding in Central Park? The perfect little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, it seems like the perfect place for romance (maybe I've seen one too many romantic comedies...). For this handsome couple, the magic of their wedding played out like a scenes from a movie thanks to the gorgeous images from Adagion Lifestyle Photography and the careful planning of...