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Newark Wedding by Wayne Yuan Photography

Happy Monday! We all know it's a little hard to get the motor running first thing Monday morning, but this citrusy celebration by Wayne Yuan Photography is sure to give you just the jolt you need to power through the day. With a modern color pallette, sweet personal details and some standout Pucci shoes it's enough to make me say I am happy it's finally Monday - I just couldn't wait to share this one!


Hudson Valley Wedding by Maggie Harkov

My favorite part about this Hudson Valley wedding is not the lovely, lilac and lavender-hued flowers, not the stunning old New England barn and not even the breathtaking photography by Maggie Harkov.  My favorite part has got to be the light-up-a-room grin of the beautiful bride.  I am crazy about couples who can crack each other up and these two must have some pretty sore cheeks from all the smiling they were doing on their big day.