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Ultra Chic, Traditional Charleston Wedding, IV

A HUGE thank you to Carrie and Charlie on designing a wedding that was as gorgeous as it was meaningful. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our team, Carrie, and hopefully, this feature brought a smile to your face on your birthday!

Cake by Baked Charleston, Photography courtesy of Karyn Iserman


Ultra Chic, Traditional Charleston Wedding, III

I love everything about today's featured wedding. It's chic without being overly designed, it's traditional without being stuffy and contemporary without being edgy. It's perfect in my book AND it just happens to be my SMP research associate's wedding which makes it even more special!

photography courtesy of Karyn Iserman

From Carrie...the beautiful bride!

I loved...


Ultra Chic, Traditional Charleston Wedding, II

If you are just now joining us, you are going to be SO happy. I am featuring one of our favorite SMP research associate's GOOOOOORGEOUS Charleston wedding today, filled with the most stunning details you've ever seen. Designed by the bride and the amazing team at A Charleston Bride, every little bit of this wedding is chic. Every little bit.

photography courtesy of...


Ultra Chic, Traditional Charleston Wedding

I am SO stinking excited to feature today's wedding. First of all, it's gorgeous. Ridiculously, unbelievably gorgeous. Second of all, it's the wedding of one of our very own SMP girls, Carrie, who is an absolute doll through and through. And lastly, it just happens to be Carrie's birthday, so we are doing the feature as a bit of a surprise birthday gift to her.

With that said, it was one of the easiest weddings in the world to feature because it is so, SO lovely.


Reach For The Stars … From Ooh! Events

Ooh! Events is just about the most creative company that you will EVER come across. That's NO exaggeration.They have an amazing storefront where they collaborate, they craft, they teach  ... they are a floral design team, a rental facility, wedding & event design specialists and as their name implies ... are ooh-so-talented event coordinators. Some vendors...