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New Jersey Wedding from Lindsay Madden Photography

Most Brides cross their fingers and toes for clear skies on the big day. But worst case scenario, rain makes for incredibly gorgeous images. And if you're anything like this Bride, you may get some lovely Hunter Rain Boots as a keepsake. From an outside perspective, it's a win win and from the perspective of Lindsay Madden Photography, that win win is so, so pretty.


Washington D.C. Ballroom Wedding from Scobey Photography

We all have that one thing that doesn't go completely as planned, but snow and a strapless dress? That could turn those happy smiles upside down quickly. Luckily, this couple had buckets full of love AND the right team to have a day of bliss that could not have been more gorgeous if it were 70 degrees and sunny. Scobey Photography filled...


Cooperstown Wedding by Orchard Cove Photography

This down on the farm Cooperstown wedding by Orchard Cove Photography is playing my heart strings like a fiddle. The lovely color combos, the pretty pretty paper from Spark Letterpress, the gaggle of geese and pretty pretty sheep - I'm surprised you can't hear my heart strings singing and strummin' from where your sitting this morning. There is just.so.much to sing...