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TOMS Wedding Collection

I'm going to let you in on a dirty, little SMP secret...when we're not glamming it up for photo shoots and the like, you can find us working in our yoga pants and TOMS. We actually refer to ourselves as the yoga pant mafia (don't worry, we're friendly!) and our look certainly wouldn't be complete without TOMS on our toes. But TOMS aren't just for casual days anymore. Nope.


Sonoma Wedding from Liz Lovi Photography + It’s A Date at The Powder Room

Easy yet beautiful, sunny and casual. This Sonoma wedding has every element we love to see in a wedding. DIY projects handmade with love, gorgeous flowers that evoke a beyond happy feeling, a fantastic venue filled with personal décor, and - of course - a couple madly in love. Liz Lovi Photography captured our stunning bride, handsome groom, and their warm, heartfelt day to perfection.