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Oregon Wedding at McMenamins by Amanda K Photography

This is one of those weddings that hooks you from first glance. And the Bride? She could double for a Woodland Princess straight out of a Disney movie. Honestly, there might even be birds chirping on her shoulder. She's gorgeous and her wedding to her beloved is equally so with a million and one unique touches folded within. From breakfast for dinner to doughnuts for dessert, an instagram booth and a paper airplane exit; this is a line-up of whimsical touches that make for one crazy cool affair.


Columbia River Gorge Wedding from Rebekah Johnson Photograpny + ink & peat

It takes a truly talented artist to create a floral design that can not only stand up to the natural beauty of Oregon, but to outshine it in a way that has us swooning all over the place. ink & peat did it. We can't help but gush more than a little over those stunning bouquets, floral headpieces, and fab boutonnieres. Rebekah Johnson Photography captured the entire soiree...