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There really are no words that could possibly do this giveaway justice. Many of the vendors are dear friends of mine that just happen to be the absolute best in their field so it's a huge honor to have them collaborate on such a massive gift...just for SMP readers to boot.

So let me just get right to it. In honor of all things Napa Valley, and destination weddings at their finest, some of the Bay Area's insanely talented vendors have come together to gift one lucky reader a pretty...


Engage ’09 Wrap-Up, II

It's one thing to write about beautiful events day in and day out. It's another thing entirely to attend one as a guest. Don't get me wrong, I've been to some pretty beautiful weddings. A lot of them, actually. But, there was something really magical about the party at Engage '09.

The thing is, the artists and planners behind Engage '09 understand completely just how important the details are. And, they infused little...