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Backyard Pasadena Wedding from Desi Baytan Photography

Sometimes all it takes is a sweet, classic wedding to make everything right in the world. Where Father of the Bride memories can float through my head and I can kick back and just soak up every last ounce of pretty. As is the case with today's lovely, lovely wedding photographed by the fabulous Desi Baytan (who is behind some of our all time favorite weddings by the way...


Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens Wedding by B&G Photography

I need to take a moment to gush about the husband and wife team behind B&G Photography. Their images tell such a lovely story. From the getting ready shots to the ceremony and the father lifting his daughter's veil and all the other moments leading up to I Do. It's all so heart-warming, beautiful, gorgeous, every other superlative I can muster up. They know how to tell a great story and we are always up for the viewing.