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Boston Cyclorama Wedding from Kelly Dillon Photography + Brighter Lights Media

I love this Bride and Groom and I've never met them. How is that possible, you ask? Well it's simple. I took one look at their beautiful Boston wedding at the Cyclorama captured by Kelly Dillon Photography, and then I read their descriptions. Yes with an s. They both sent in their viewpoints of the day (complete with the proposal story - a must read), and that always turns my...


Downtown Historic San Antonio Wedding from Meegan Weaver Photography

You'd be hard pressed to take a look at these two and not just smile. A big ol' smile that seems to take over your face. Because these two? They are simply adorable, and their wedding captured by Meegan Weaver Photography is equally so. With traditional touches but with a whimsical flair planned by Country Sugar Events, it's a day that is all them, and what is better than that?