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SMP Weddings – The BOOK! On Shelves Now!

It's the stroke of midnight, and while we should be getting our beauty sleep, we can't seem to catch a wink. Instead we have visions of sweet SMPers turning the pages of our sparkly new book dancing in our heads. It's the prettiest of visions, and one we'll happily lose sleep over because we simply cannot wait to hear what you think of each and every page. From cover to cover. And today is the day.


Style Me Pretty Weddings – THE BOOK!!!

As you read this post, please imagine a girl, sitting behind a computer, smiling so hugely you just might think she's a touch crazy. But she's not. She's just more excited than she's ever been in her whole life. Or at least very, very close. Because the day has finally come that she gets to announce her book. The book that consumed the vast majority of her life for the better part of a year, that is more beautiful, more perfect than she ever could have dreamed. With a cover image by...