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DIY Project: Custom Seed Packs

Love this next one. Love all of them actually, but this one is especially sweet because the bride and groom really looked to their own lives to find favors that they could make and share with their guests. From the bride...My name is Trish and my fiancé is Luke. and we came up with an idea to do a seed packet and matching pot for our wedding favor. He is an assistant superintendent at Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Last summer they held the PGA championship at...


DIY Project: Garden Seed Envelopes

In this day and age, there is nothing better than a favor that adds a bit of beauty to our world. Which is exactly why I love this's sweet and charming, and it will help your guests add a touch of pretty to their day.

Here is the rundown!

These hand folded envelopes holding colorful seed packets are practical (the guest may actually plant the seeds), easy (each one takes 1-2 minutes to make) and chic (you can use any kind of paper to match your...