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Willamette Valley Winery Wedding from Jesse Daniels Photography

Sweaters, scarves, wellies, umbrellas, gorgeous Oregon winery views - this wedding by Jesse Daniels Photography is just as cozy and charming as they come. That lovely blend of casual and chic that gets me every time, and this pretty party is proof of why that combination just can't be beat. It's winery wedding perfection, and you can see it all right here.


Backyard Hickory Creek Wedding from Lavender Joy Weddings

I love this couple's story. And rather than try and tell it myself, I'll tell you it's a description you must read. Because even with all of the sweet-as-they-come details placed perfectly by Lavender Joy Weddings in this charming affair, they just get sweeter when you hear about all the love behind them. Held at the couple's new home, in their new yard, to celebrate their new life - it's a wedding that takes personal to an...