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Iowa Charm by Jeremy Lawson, II

I know that I talk and talk and TALK about details. I love perfect wedding details with all of my heart. It's the details that make me excited to come and write about weddings everyday, so really...I can't say it enough.  BUT. Every now and then, it's so awesome to see a wedding that is completely and totally about the love. Completely and totally about the couple, the family and the celebration.

And, that's not to say that this bride didn't infuse the affair with some pretty...


Back Porch Nuptials, II

The fabulous team at Two Fishes Artistry sent us today's first featured wedding. And really, this isn't so much a wedding feature as a total love affair with a bride and groom that are basically as adorable as they come. The bride completely rocked a mini, while adding some Louboutins for good measure. And the groom? Well...dreamy is the word that comes to mind.


Back Porch Nuptials

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend. Ours was filled with a whole lotta nothing, which you know I loved. It's easy to start the week when you have time to just play on the weekends and soak up every minute of Summer.

I thought that we could launch this week's wedding inspirations with the world's loveliest bride! Meg Baisden photographed this teeny, tiny wedding that took place on the couple's back porch, complete with 11 guests.