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Miami Wedding by The Big Day Wedding Photography

Okay, so this bride is totally the cutest. We're loving her sweet and simple style from her all white bouquet to her gorgeously natural wavy hair, this girl has the whole natural bridal day look down to a T. We're pretty sure that this wedding was one fun party judging by the fab images from The Big Day Wedding Photography. And how cute are those little ring bearers?!


Picnic Engagement Session by Leo Timoshuk Photography

Who doesn't love a good picnic? Especially one smack-dab in the middle of Onondoga Park in Syracuse. Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon to us. Of course, the only thing that could possibly make that scenario even better is to add Leo Timoshuk Photography into the mix. One gorgeous image after another is what he is bringing to the table and my oh my are we in hog heaven.


Outdoor Oregon Wedding with DIY Details

When I saw this wedding for the first time, I thought it was gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous. One of those weddings that took it a step further than the "pretty" and was infused with so many FUN, personality filled details. And then I read that it was all DIY, all done on a strict budget and it was all designed in three months time! Holy wedding! I have serious props for this adorable bride for crafting an affair that looks so incredibly thoughtful and so beautifully designed.