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Backyard Brooklyn Wedding from Léon Images

It's no secret that we're total suckers for backyard weddings around these parts, but when said backyard is a sweet, urban oasis, we go into swooning overdrive! This super casual, intimate affair reminds us that your big day doesn't have to be big at all. It can be a simple ceremony with just a handful of your closest friends. Oh, and great food and al fresco dining doesn't hurt! Léon Images captured this sweet day to perfection.


Austin Wedding at Green Pastures by Ivy Weddings

The perfect mix of sophistication, spunk and sweetness - this wedding has SMP written all over it. From the classic Manolo's to the citrusy decor all the way down to the gorgeous white peacock (love!), every detail was perfectly placed and then perfectly captured by Ivy Weddings, so we could spend the day oohing and ahhing over everything in...