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Long Island City Wedding from Lindsay Madden Photography

Remember when you were in elementary school and if you said you loved something, you're friends would tease, then why don't you marry it? Well my friends, I just might have to marry this wedding! I'm that obsessed. And why wouldn't I be? From the adorable brides dress to the fabulous gold pumpkins, each and every detail is beyond beautiful. Lindsay Madden Photography snapped up all the goodies in such a fabulous way...


Brooklyn Wedding from Judy Pak Photography

I have an affinity for rooftop weddings. It's the blue skies, the top of the world views, the "you may now kiss the Bride" mingled with cityscapes that can take your breath way; all good. And all made even better when documented by Judy Pak. She has proven time and again her prowess with capturing the beauty of a New York affair. This beauty is no exception.