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Sydney Neon Wedding Inspiration from Lisa Diederich Photography + Alice Richards

The neon trend is one I'm seriously digging. Maybe it's the 90's child in me, but give me neon and I'll give you a happy blogger. Especially when it's set against my current favorite: white. Lisa Diederich Photography and Alice Richards, therefore, are the heroes of the day on this side of the computer.


Color Story: Summer Brights

This summer there is an outbreak of color fever going around and I've caught the bug!  Orange, hot pink and yellow have been popping up in fashion and design and I am definitely predicting the bright and bold wave to make its way into the wedding world.  California girls have never been afraid of a little color but that doesn't mean your wedding has to look like a circus or a birthday party.  My favorite combinations are the neons and the neutrals or the bolds and the beige.  Just little...