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French Inspired Photo Shoot from A Day in Provence

Anything inspired by chocolate and France is a sign us up kind of affair. It's bonjours and bisous mixed with the prettiest blush pinks and blooms that add a layer of gorgeous to this chocolate infused shoot. Conceptualized and styled by Tara of A Day in Provence along with a team of fabby vendors that prove brown can be oh so glamorous and chocolate filled dessert tables are where it's at.


Minnesota Vintage Wedding Inspiration at The Gale Mansion

After the Royal Nuptials, we all seem to be in a tizzy on this side of the pond about all things headdress. And when the inspiration of a photo shoot is F. Scott Fitzgerald, romance, whimsy, and all things vintage, you better believe we were expecting something magical adorning the brides crown. We were absolutely not disappointed. This shoot, dreamed up by Smart & Chic Bride...