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New York City Fusion Wedding Film from Loudbyte Cinematography

Whether you speak English, Thai, French, Japanese, or Finnish, we all have the ability to speak to each other in one universal language - and that language is love. Loudbyte Cinematography is always the MOST amazing at capturing that love in a way that will last forever, which is why we are always IN love with their wedding highlight films. So filled with joy and happiness, laughter and family, and of course, the ever popular love.


Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

It might be the weekend for you now, and you may be getting ready to shut down your computer and turn on your voicemail, but I need your attention for just a moment longer. Why? Because tomorrow, right here, you will see the GORGEOUS bride who fits into these stunning shoes - and the rest of her wedding in the form of a fab highlight film from Loudbyte Cinematography. Now... have a wonderful weekend my loves! xoxo

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