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London Wedding from Sarah Gawler

I've been lost in this gorgeous London wedding for ohhhh, about two hours nows. Maybe three. It's just so beautifully captured by Sarah Gawler that the images keep calling me back. And the Bride and Groom sitting in those images? Some of the most stylish I've ever come across. With their gorgeously romantic ceremony and reception followed by what else? A masquerade ball - this wedding is simply one for the books.


Bahamas Wedding by Kristin Vining

Good morning SMP-ers! Today's first wedding is quite possibly going to sky rocket to the most beloved SMP wedding of all time and we couldn't be more excited to get things started. It's a 2-parter so you might want to grab a cup of coffee and get nice and comfy for a morning of total Bahamian gorgeousness. So. We always love the work that Kristin Vining sends our way. Her photography generally leaves us totally inspired...