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Baltimore Country Club Wedding from David Mielcarek + Romance of Flowers

As a huge fan of the best wedding movie ever (Father of the Bride, as if you even need to ask) I always love a hometown wedding. When two people come home to shower their childhood haunts with hugs, kisses, bridesmaids, bouquets, and centerpieces, the butterflies are always soaring. Especially when those bouquets and centerpieces are from a team so lovely, like Romance of Flowers.


Charlottesville Wedding by Jen Fariello

Love stories get me every time. That is probably obvious - I mean, I do spend every waking hour gushing over the weddings love stories enviably produce, but yet it's the stories behind the soirees that stop me in my tracks. They make me hold me breath for a minute, and even with the most detailed of details - it's the love between the Mr. & Mrs. that makes me swoon the hardest. Well, Jen Fariello Photography brought to life...