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Handfasting Ceremony by Shannon Leahy

So in honor of St. Patrick's Day, Shannon Leahy put together THE coolest Irish inspired photoshoot ever and we loved it so much, that we've asked her to stick around a little bit longer today and share the secrets behind the gorgeous handfasting ceremony. It's such a lovely tradition and one that I know so many of you will find pretty freaking awesome.


Irish Wedding Inspiration by Shannon Leahy, II

Another little known fact. Sometimes, I dance around the house singing "Tim Finnegan Lived in Walkin' Street..." Okay, not sometimes. A lot. So much so, that my daughter starts giggling the minute I put my arms in their appropriate jig position, knowing exactly what's coming next. So, when I saw this amazing Irish inspired shoot that the insanely lovely Shannon Leahy designed and...


Irish Wedding Inspiration by Shannon Leahy

Little known fact. Abby Larson, previously Abby McLucas, is about as Irish as they come. From my fiery temper to my love of the Clancy Brothers, my Irish heritage is one that I am very, very proud to call my own. As is the ridiculously talented Shannon Leahy, the designer behind our next bit of inspiration. It's a modern Irish wedding done SO so right, with steal-worthy details that would fit just about any style of wedding.