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Real Wedding: Carmelita and Dan, II

When I first saw this wedding, it was the ceremony that honestly took my breath away. Something about the simplicity of the style, the perfect silhouette of the bride's gown, the joy that is radiating from everyone. It's just pure beauty.

From Carmelita...

It was important to us to represent our cultures (Jewish and Filipino/Irish) in a non-denominational ceremony.  Daniel’s father created our chuppah from green bamboo and my mother sewed the fabric for the canopy.


Easy Elegance

Today's inspiration board is for my best friend, Katie. This could be the most difficult board that I have done thus far...and I say that not because we are so different (which we are), but simply because I know her so well. Katie and I met when we were 11 years old and cheerleaders in the seventh grade. I couldn't stand her. She was loud, and goofy and a bit odd. Now, 15 years later, she is the only girl that can make me spit coke out of my nose because I am laughing so hard. She is the only...