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Maitland Wedding at Quinn Strong Park by Cheryl Dawn Photography, Inc.

This wedding makes me happy.  That all-encompassing kind of HAPPY that fills you with joy from head to toe.  And, believe me, once you spend some time in the gallery, you'll be just as gleeful.  From the darling DIY details so lovingly crafted by devoted family and friends to that uber-stunning vintage gown to each and every devastatingly gorgeous image captured by Cheryl Dawn Photography, Inc., it's pure, unadulterated perfection.


Winter Park Wedding by Melissa T Photography

SMP Florida, your Tuesday just got SO much prettier thanks to this fall fête by Melissa T Photography. Filled to the brim with those gorgeous autumn hues we can get enough of, and timeless touches that ensure this couple's wedding will be stylish for centuries - waking up to this celebration is like waking up on the right side of the wedding-loving bed. And that outdoor reception area? LOVE. You know...